Time Honoured Culture

Originating in Orient

The custom of fingernail painting is believed to have originated in China before 3000 B.C. There is some evidence that varnishes, enamels and lacquers made from gum arabic, egg white, gelatin and beeswax were applied to fingernails in China in ancient times. Documents from the Chou Dynasty, dated to 600 B.C., indicate gold and silver were the preferred colours for royal fingernails.


East comes west

We bring the gentle charm and culture of Vietnam -- and the spirit of her home country's now legendary spa tradition – to her work at Son Mai Spa. From the choice of colours, the artistically-crafted wood detailing and the Zen decor, Sun Mai Spa emanates a soothing sense of calm. It's a weave of traditional Vietnam aesthetics and modern-day spa luxury.