Our Spa

The Spa is more than just a place for body and beauty care. Inspired from the architecture of ancient European cities. Harmonious interior arrangement makes treatment areas more luxurious, elegant and relaxing.

Originating in Orient

The custom of fingernail painting is believed to have originated in China before 3000 B.C. There is some evidence that varnishes, enamels and lacquers made from gum arabic, egg white, gelatin and beeswax were applied to fingernails in China in ancient times.

Happy and Healthy Feet

Foot care is important at all stages of life, but becomes more critical as we get older.

Circulation to the lower portions of the body tends to decrease with age. Decreased circulation, coupled with diminished sensation, can lead to skin breakdown, infections and, as a result, reduced mobility, independence and exercise. (If it’s painful to walk, we walk less.) Healthy feet also improves balance in the elderly, thereby reducing the risk of falls.